Vishnu Sahasranamam
July 16, 2021
Raksha Bandhan
July 21, 2021


Shaadi (Wedding) Puja Samagri In Hindi In Indian marriage, two people are not married to each other, in this a whole family joins another family. Marriage is not just a custom, it is an event lasting several days. Indian wedding is not less than a festival, the whole family celebrates it with full enthusiasm and wants to live it. Hindu wedding is not just a wedding ceremony, it has a long list of rituals and customs. Wedding is such a moment, when the bride and groom step on the new journey of their life, here the whole family stands with them. This marriage is considered complete only when the wedding ceremony is done according to the rituals. A lot of worship material is used in these rituals. Hindu marriage is called Brahma Vivah according to the old age.

At the time of preparing for the wedding, the worship material related to the wedding should also be prepared by keeping it together, so that later there is no problem. Nowadays marriages are not done from home, both boy or girl get married in a hotel away from their home, so it is important that you have everything you need in a systematic way. Some rituals of the boy and girl’s family may be different, but overall a lot is the same. Today I will tell you about the worship material used in a Hindu wedding.

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