Terahvi Puja
July 16, 2021
Vastu Santi
July 16, 2021

Vahan Puja

Astrologers say that if you buy a new vehicle, then it must be worshipped. The vehicle should be driven only after the worship of the new vehicle. If you do this then it is considered auspicious. For worshiping the vehicle, buy camphor, coconut, flower garland, water urn, jiggery or sweets, kalava, vermillion ghee mixed material. According to astrologers, before the entry of a new vehicle in the house, sprinkle ganga water with mango leaves thrice. If there is no ganga water in the house then use fresh water. After sprinkling water, make a  swastika mark on the vehicle with a mixture of vermilion and ghee oil. The importance of the swastika has been told in the scriptures. It is considered auspicious to put it on the vehicle. Astrologers say that making a swastika mark brings positive energy. It is said that making a swastika mark does not cause any kind of disturbance in the journey. After making the mark of swastika, garland the vehicle and wrap kalava thrice on the vehicle. Astrologers believe that kalava is the Rakshasutra,  which protects our vehicle.

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