Ram Katha
July 8, 2021
Rudra puja
July 15, 2021


Rudrabhishek is a panacea to please Mahadev. According to the experts of astrology, by doing Rudrabhishek at the right time, you can get the boon you want from Shiva. Because the Rudra form of Shiva is very dear to Abhishek, so let’s  Know why Rudrabhishek is so effective and important.

The glory of Rudrabhishek:

Bholenath is pleased with even the simplest worship, but Rudrabhishek  is most dear to him. It is said that by pleasing Shiva with Rudrabhishek, you can get the power to make the impossible ,so do Rudrabhishek at the right time and be a part of Shiva’s grace. Rudra is a fierce form of lord Shiva.

By the grace of Shiva, all planetary obstacles and all problems are destroyed. Offering special things with mantras on shivling is called Rudrabhishek.

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