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July 8, 2021
mundan Sanskar
July 8, 2021


According to astrology, children born in Mool Nakshatra should not see their father for a total of many days. If you want to see, then after doing the peace of the root according to the law, there is no fault in seeing the child. Know about the basic constellations and their Vedokta mantra.

Mool Cognitive Nakshatra – Ashwini , Ashlesha, Magha, Jayeshtha, Mool,k Revathi etc. are called constellations.

Big roots – Ashlesha, Jayeshtha, Mool and Magha etc.

Small Roots – Ashwini , Revathi

Abhukt Mool- According to  devarshi Narad ji, 1 hour of the other end of Jyestha Nakshatra is 4 hours of the beginning of Mool Nakshatra.

According to other Acharyas, 5 Ghati of the end of Jyestha and 8 Ghati of Adi of Mool is the unbhukt mool.

The father should not see the face of the child born in the Abhukt and Mool Sgnak Nakshatra for 8 years or 6 months. On the 27the day according to the time, there is no fault in seeing the face of the child by providing original peace and shadow donation in the birth-nakshatra.

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