Horoscope Consultation

Our Horoscope is the snapshot of the sky and planets when we were born. The Navgrahas ‘Sun’, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, Venus, Rahu, and Ketu are placed in such a way that depicts the divine will of God and they influence your life throughout. A Horoscope is an astrological chart prepared after fine Astronomical calculation which takes note of the date, time and place of birth. Nowadays sophisticated Professional computer software is used which create a complete set of charts which is then used by competent Astrologer to read and predict the divine will of god. An Astrologer is just like a postman reading the letter of god for you where all the packets you have been promised is written. A professional astrologer can study this chart and predict fairly accurately as to what sort of a person he/she is, what is his/her life purpose, what kind of a person he/she can become, what kind of a life he/she might lead and if any remedial action in the form of worship or other acts should be performed. At Nirvana Jyotish, this has become one of my most popular services, with clients from near and far scheduling sessions with me. In this service, I will be talking to you about your current and past events. I Will let you know about upcoming events and any questions you have. Problems related to Late Marriage, Carrer, Job, Money, Business, Property, Health will be closely discussed and appropriate powerful remedies will be suggested.

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Astro Vaastu Consultation

Vaastu is a Sanskrit word. If we break it down, Vaas means to live and tu means you – combined meaning is a place where you live. Shastra is also a Sanskrit word which means a text or study. Vastu means ‘the art of building one’s living and working spaces in harmony with Nature’. It is a traditional Hindu system of architecture that describes the principles of design, layout, measurement, space arrangement using mathematics and geometry. A house built as per the Vaastu Shastra provides us with a healthy and secure life. Office buildings built on Vaastu principles enhance sales and productivity. Vaastu compliant factories can promote the efficiency of the workers and minimize the breakdown of machines or other equipment. Malls and retail outlets can see the boost in sales. In short, modern age societies can benefit from Vaastu in a lot of ways. Vaastu Science, when coupled with your Birth Chart, becomes a unique powerful chart that shows how your environment is affecting you in accordance with the Birth chart. Your Birth chart should not be read separately. With Astro Vaastu, reading and remedies suggested your chart your Remedies becomes complete and gives results in a more promising way.

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Durlabh Poojas & Mahayagyas

If there is suffering then God has created Solution also. There are so many blemishes, Shraps, and doshas in kundli which gets un-noticed by Astrologers. Often they cannot see and diagnose what the real problem is, often they are busy treating the planetary doshas however the real problem lies somewhere else. Some curses need a really expert eye and experience of years to identify which is the real cause of suffering. For example: If there is Brahm sharp (Curse of Brahmin), Pitra Shrapa (Curse of Forefathers) visible then whatever remedies you do will not come to be fruitful to you as the curse operating will eat up all the good deeds of the horoscope as well as the remedies done. Guru and forefathers with some good techniques and judgment skills to check and see the curses in horoscope. Some of the rare poojas done are :

  • Sri Kaalhasti Sarp Dosh Pooja: For removing the bad effects of Rahu / Ketu / Kaal Sarp dosh and Serpent Curse :
  • Baglamukhi Pooja and Mahayagya: To remove obstacles, removing of enemies (Shatru Naash), Win in Court cases, litigations.
  • Sri Maa Chhinaamasta Sadhna: A special Rahu pooja for very bad effects of Rahu and remove any curse or disease un-diagnosable.
  • Sri Maa Kanakdhara and Sri Suktam Paath and Lakshmi pooja: For accumulation of wealth, opening money channels, removing money blockage, increase in sales, etc.
  • Pitra Gayatri Mantra Jaap and Pitra Dosh Nivaran Mahayagya: A very powerful pooja for those who have Pitri Rin and Dosha in kundli. This is a major roadblock in your success.
  • Harivansh Puran and Aditya Hridya Strotam path: For removal of Surya Dosha in kundli.
  • Mangal Chandika Strotram path and Mangal Shanti yagya: For removal of Mangal dosha in kundli of boy/girl. This is a very special and powerful Yagya which removes the blemish of Manglik dosha and also paves the path to marriage. This also is helpful for those couples who have disturbed married life and continuously fight due to mars afflictions.

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  • Powerful Gemstones And Recommendation

    We often do not know which Gemstone as per our horoscope and prevalent Dasha gochar will help us and will give us the blessing of the planet. People wear the gemstone in the hope to get the benefit out of it whether in career, marriage, business, etc and spend a lot of money but the majority of the time is not able to reap in the benefit. The reason being the gemstone has not being recommended in relation to your data gochar and the overall strength of your planet . you the best and powerful Abhimantrit certified Gemstone in line with your prevalent Dasha and horoscope to get the maximum benefit.

    The Vedic astrology prescribes different types of a gemstone as a remedy or a cure from the ancient times based on the configurations of planets in the horoscope of a person.

    There is an energy field, called “Aura” which emanates from every human being. In this area of energy, our thought patterns, belief systems, energetic and emotional habits reside. The energy pattern in a gem directly affects this area of energy and over a period promotes long-lasting positive changes. The gemstone is suggested by an astrologer based on the person’s birth date and his zodiac sign –to increase the efficiency or for removal of the deficiency found. These stones act in two ways; one is by its spectrum effects, and the other is by radiative effects. When a ring is worn, the particular Gem continuously sends its power to the person which gets absorbed in the individual aura. The protective aura thus becomes powerful to resist any untoward vibrations coming from external sources. These Gemstones are considered critical in Vedic astrology as a Vedic remedy for removing the ill-impacts caused by planets.

    The presence of these stones can be articulated from ancient times or thousands of years earlier. The ‘Science of Astrology’, describes Gemstones as a significant aspect as it impacts the astrological life of mortals to a larger extent. These glittering gemstones were believed to spread brightness on land and to wipe out the darkness from the land.

    It has been a part of the deep study and research in scientific sectors involving many scholars on account of the unusual effect of some gems, and the study has been continuing.

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    Business Improvement

    For a Businessman his life and throughts always revolves around his Business . Whether with family or in a party he is constantly thinking about his business , his problems , obstacles , how to overcome those etc. Business is so sensitive and gets affected by numerous sorts of indiscernible problems like -

  • Black magic dilemma
  • Planetary problems
  • Evil eye effect problem
  • Some thing erroneous done by rivals
  • Business defeat by Vastu effects
  • Running Planetary dasha
  • Long running periods like Shani Sade sati or Rahu gochar
  • Some bad placements of machinery in wrong directions which are unfavorable as per horoscope.

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