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August 14, 2021
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Online Puja

Puja as we know is also known as karma kaand. In our Hindu dharma performing a Puja is the way to pay respects and homage to our gods. Everything we have is the result of the blessings of the almighty. Performing a Puja is the most sacred thing in our culture. Even when a child is born a Puja is performed and even when a person dies we perform a Puja. It’s a way of acknowledging our existence and thanking God for his blessings on us. Now with digitalization across the globe and especially in India online Puja services play a very important role. Pujas are of thousands of types and we have many gods in our Hindu dharma with hundreds of festivals in a year. Nowadays life has become very fast and people don’t have the kind of free time they used to have maybe 10–15 years back. Things have drastically changed but one thing that remains constant is the urge and commitment to keep ourselves connected to our roots and dharma. An online Puja service gives a unique opportunity to people. Sitting in the comfort of your house and office one can book a Puja online. You can pay through your card or any other online medium and reserve your Puja. Any Puja you book will be performed by yogya Pandit at the desired location ascertained by the service provider. Once you book you will give your name and gotra and take an online Sankalp. In this way you completely validate the process and will get full benefits of it. Many people book online Jaaps and paaths as well. The Pandit’s do the Jaap on your behalf and you get the complete benefit and result of it. You can also ask for a video footage of the pandit performing the Puja using your gotra and name. Apart from this, proper pujas like Graha Pravesh and Ganesh chathurthi etc and several others can also be performed LIVE using any online video platform. People have this hassle sometimes of arranging a Pandit, so online Puja services give you this great opportunity to sit in your house , with your phone or laptop open with an idol in front and have a complete Puja going LIVE via video conferencing with a pandit on the other side. This makes life so easy and comfortable. This saves you from all the arrangements and difficulties you might face in a day to day busy life. The Prasad of the concerned Puja will get couriered to you in the said time. All the vidhi vidhaan is followed as per Vedic protocols. The online medium makes pujas paaths and jaaps available to you at a click of a button. You pay your respects to god , remember him, and thank him as usual but just the medium becomes online. Convenience with the full effect of the result of this service. Imagine you have a festival coming in a week’s time and haven’t really prepared anything and want to perform a Puja. Just go online book your live Puja and you are ready. You just need to be there in front of your phone at the predefined time and your Puja will be performed live. Even if there are connection issues you will get a complete video of it. Because your name and gotra is in play you get all the benefits from it. This solves any locational hazard and gives you peace of mind immediately.

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